Capillary Tube Supplies Ltd
Rose Cottage, Withielgoose, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 5NW, United Kingdom.

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Safety and Handling

As with all glass products, care should be taken with handling. Replacements for breakages occuring during handling cannot be made. Please follow the handling recommendations made below.

With a capillary wall thickness of only 0.01mm, these items are very fragile and gripping the capillary portion should be avoided.

The tubes are supplied in an outer protective tube. When the plastic cap is removed and the foam disc lifted, the individual capillary tubes can be seen suspended in a perforated foam disc.

It is recommended that individual tubes be handled using tweezers with plastic coated tips by gripping the wall of the open end of the tube.

These tubes have no coatings of any kind and are pure glass of the three types offered.

These tubes are primarily intended for use in x-ray diffraction analysis, photonics, and other laboratory analysis. Use for any other purpose is not recommended and is at the user's risk.